Hi there, and welcome to clevrhome!  We’ve set up this blog to share our thoughts, keep you up to date with the latest smart home technology news, and to build a community of smart home enthusiasts. The options for home automation are endless and it’s hard to know where to start, we do hope that you find our blog useful in setting up your very own clevrhome.

Imagine travelling back to your clevrhome from a long day at the office;

  • your smart garage door opener greeting you just before you reach the driveway,
  • the smart alarm system automatically switching off,
  • some sultry jazz tunes playing through your home audio system,
  • the smart thermostat keeping perfect temperature,
  • mood lighting set by your smart home lighting,
  • plus a piping-hot roast has just finished cooking in your multi-function smart oven.

It may sound like the future, but it’s available right now through smart home technology.


Smart home technology has already made its mark, with an estimated market growth of 67% annually over the next five years – it’s clear that home automation is here to stay. Home automation systems continue to move and improve over the years with the single aim of making life more convenient and efficient.

There are plenty of home automation companies and with the likes of Amazon, Cisco, Google, Intel, Microsoft and Samsung releasing smart home products it’s easy to get started now – but without knowing where to start it can become a slippery, and expensive slope! clevrhome will be publishing a series of posts to help get you started in setting up the best smart home.


The team at clevrhome would love to hear from you – so please feel free to contact us to share your ideas and thoughts, or even just to show off your very own clevrhome.