The Future of Smart Home Products

Smart home products have been on the rise in the last few years, making their way into most people’s homes. From automatic lights, sensors, keys, and cameras, these smart home products have been slowly expanding into more and more sectors as well. With the amount of new types of smart home products coming to market, it won’t be long before even more types of innovation will be seen around the globe.

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Setting up our smart nursery

Baby Cot

With a baby on the way (due September!) I’ve been brainstorming different ideas for setting up their nursery with smart home products. The options are endless, and it’s easy to get carried away with grand plans. Anyone who has kids knows how hard the newborn period can be, especially with the little amount of sleep you get each night,  so choosing smart home products that are simple to use or completely automated is key.

Following are some of my top picks for home automation in the nursery.

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