The Future of Smart Home Products

Smart home products have been on the rise in the last few years, making their way into most people’s homes. From automatic lights, sensors, keys, and cameras, these smart home products have been slowly expanding into more and more sectors as well. With the amount of new types of smart home products coming to market, it won’t be long before even more types of innovation will be seen around the globe.

Easily Upgradeable Smart Home Products

Some of the best ideas that stem from the smart home category have already been invented. But as we all know, most ideas are stemmed from someone else’s creation, and the most easily upgradeable smart home products we’ll see in the future will more than likely be the following.


Smart Home Lighting

The lighting category can easily be bettered if the right company wants to make it happen. Some great ideas to upgrade smart home lighting would be:

  • More controllable systems that allow you to turn off a “set” of lights with the click of a button, rather than just a single light at a time.
  • Garage door lights being automatically turned on when the garage door goes up.
  • Better motion sensing lighting – current motion sensing lighting doesn’t have the best quality, as it doesn’t have the highest range of motion due to it having to see things from far away in the dark.


Smart Blinds and Window Coverings

Technology companies have been trying to create automated blinds and window coverings for your home, allowing them to open and close at the same times every day – but they are incredibly expensive. Hopefully in the future we’ll be able to get them at a much cheaper cost so that they can be obtainable by more people.


Voice Control

Products like Amazon Echo and Google Home allow you even more access to letting your home be automated. These are becoming the hearts and souls of people’s homes, and allow you so much access to normal, everyday things in your house and easy access to information on the internet. With more competition brewing in this industry, you’ll see a lot of advances made in this category in the coming years with the amount of access you’re able to get on the internet, the quality, and you’ll be able to take even more control over your home.



Future Smart Home Products to Expect

Although most of what we can expect will probably stem from what’s already been made, we can still expect quite a bit to come in the future that hasn’t been created yet! This is exciting, and the opportunities are endless. Here are the things we can expect to come into creation.


One app to control everything

The App Store and Google Play store are lacking the same thing – a single app to control all of our smart home accessories. We currently have to use multiple apps if we want to control all of our products, or spend lots of time programming a smart home hub system which is a huge hassle. Hopefully someday we’re able to just download a single smart home app which every smart home product will be compatible with, allowing us to control our home in an even easier way.


Natural Smart Fashion

Right now all of the current smart technology products that we “wear”, such as smart watches, fitness trackers, wearable cameras, and Google Glass all have one problem. The issue with these products it that they look like technology, and not like fashion accessories. The future will be full of products that are both usable and looked at as a fashionable product.


Smart Home Appliances

The appliances of our future, such as dishwashers, washers, dryers, fridges, freezers, microwaves, and more will be able to contain smart home features in them. You’ll be able to start your dryer from out of the house, you’ll be able to preheat the oven, and you’ll be able to change the temperature of the fridge to make something colder! Our lives will be so much easier with the future of appliances coming into this world.


Smart Toilets

By Peter Van den Bossche via Wikimedia Commons

Yes, I know what you’re thinking –  “How can we make our toilets smart?” The good news is that it’s already being done in Asian countries and will soon make its way over to the United States. These toilets are able to analyse your waste and can provide early detection for infections and diseases. Plus they have built in air fresheners, can play music or other soothing sounds, and even flush themselves, You can even get rid of the horrible problem of sitting on a cold toilet seat by utilizing the heated seat function – making going to the bathroom a lot more comfortable.



Overall we have a lot to look forward to as a society. The smart home products that are coming our way will be able to enhance our lives in so many ways, and make life a lot easier. What are you looking forward to in the future of smart home products, feel free to leave a comment below.