A quick look at the Sonos CONNECT:AMP

Sonos have catapulted themselves to the top of the home automation audio visual market when it comes to smart home audio systems. Their select range of products allows for smart home audio integration for either advanced or simple smart home solutions. We’ve taken a look at one of our favourites offerings from Sonos, the CONNECT:AMP.


Sonos is well know for its ability to add several units to a system and easily integrate. The Connect Amp, as expected, works as an amplifier,  and removes the need for buying a multi zone amplifier which can often be very expensive. As it is an amplifier, its also allows you to add speakers of your choice to the system. It can power both large and small passive speakers without sacrificing the quality of the audio thanks to it’s 55W per channel output. This also creates an opportunity for users to upgrade their speakers without hassle when they are able to.

The Sonos Connect Amp allows you to utilise the audio equipment you already own, and a great dynamic user interface that interacts with most popular streaming apps on either iOS or Android – over 30 streaming services in fact!

Sonos have announced full integration with Amazon Alexa will be coming this year. This looks to be a close collaboration between both Amazon and Sonos, so soon you’ll be able to say “Alexa, play Michael Jackson on Sonos”. The integration doesn’t have an official release date yet, but we hope it’s very soon!

Sonos is a member of SmartThings Labs too, but feedback from the community has revealed quite a bit of disappointment due to the weak integration between the two.

The Connect Amp can seem quite expensive at first glance with a price tag of $499. However, this price quickly becomes almost irrelevant when you consider that this will be the only time you pay for this streaming solution. Sonos release constant software updates ensuring the Connect Amp will not need replacing in the foreseeable future.

Previously another downside would have been that the app is required on a smartphone or tablet to control all products in the Sonos range. However with the increase of smartphone technology and its popularity, this should not affect many, especially if you’re a smart home enthusiast.


Overall the Sonos Connect Amp is a more than worthy addition to today’s most advanced smart home. It can provide great quality audio and be quickly integrated into existing systems, with no need for professional set up. This long lasting product is and will continue to be an essential part to the smart homes of today and tomorrow.

$499, sonos.com | Amazon